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Matro Logistics is a global transport company that provides Transport And Logistics supply-chain solutions for Export and Import. We provide all types of transportation facilities.

Here at Matro logistics, we offer all the moving services to our clients at the best prices, including full-truckload services. We are a registered & authentic logistics company which deals in household transport, vehicles transport, express air freight transport, export & import logistic services, movers & packer services. Our staffs are well-trained in dealing with all kinds of the moving process. So the clients do not need to face any sort- of moving-related hassles. The team of experts will tackle every situation of moving that occurs during the transit period. Hence your moving experience can be smooth & stress-free.

Meaning of logistics services

Logistics services are all services for your supply chain from the factory to the end customer. These include transportation from the manufacturing industry to the warehouse, warehousing and order fulfilment, and delivery to the end customer.

Logistics services include:

This is a simple description of logistics services. When you want to know more, each of these stages in the supply chain has different options, options, and dynamics. You can choose from a variety of logistics services to meet your company's needs.


Types of Logistics Services Provided by Matro Logistics

Freight Forwarding Logistics Service

When you place a purchase order with your manufacturer, wholesale supplier, or distributor, logistics is involved in getting the goods from the original location to your supply warehouse. Freight forwarding is the process of moving the shipment from the manufacturer to the fulfilment warehouse.

Domestic freight forwarding includes arranging for trucking, rail shipment or air transportation. Transportation for Full Truck Load (FTL) or Less Than Truck Load (LTL (this is also known as part truck load )) Shipment of heavy or bulky goods is almost always transported by rail or truck. Freight forwarders can use air freight for orders that require fast shipping or high-value products.

Inventory management

Inventory planning and management is the foundation of every successful business. The best way to take the stress away is to automate your inventory management as much as possible.

A logistics service provider company may have an inventory management solution that integrates with warehousing services. For example, Matro Logistics’ inventory management system provides you with data on inventory visibility, stock out estimates and order trends.

Third party logistics (3PL)

Third-party logistics is a complete solution for a range of logistics services. Most 3PL service companies will provide the basics of fulfilment: receiving, storing, order supply and packing, and outbound shipping.

    A 3PL may also provide additional logistics services, including:

  • • Return (Reverse Logistics)
  • • Packing and Assembling
  • • FTL and LTL shipping

For companies that outsource their order fulfilment, third-party logistics companies become valuable business partners. At Matro Logistics’ Supply chain solutions, we provide all the services listed above, and we go above and beyond. We want our logistics services to make your company’s growth successful.


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FAQ About Logistics Service

  • What are Full Truckload services?

    FTL or full truckload is the moving service where customers hire a full- truck for their sole items shifting. It means a full truck will book for one single destination. It is very beneficial for the clients who are moving with lots of household stuff or who needed regular logistic services for their business.

  • What are Part Truck Load services?

    As the name suggested in this service customers, only book partial space in the truck instead of booking the whole truck. This service is very cost-effective because you only have to pay for the area your goods have taken. Part Truck Load services also, known as PTL, are the sharing truck where consignments of many different people shared the space in one truck for their destination. It means customer sharing their expenses of moving with each other by using this service. It is one of the best ways to transfer your goods to their destination without much expenditure cost.

  • What are the payment terms?

    In case of advance booking, customers will have to pay a token amount (10% of quotation) through NEFT/IMPS/UPI to confirm the booking.

    Once the truck arrives at the pickup address, customers have to pay 80% or 90% at the time of loading and the balance at the time of delivery before unloading.

  • Does Matro Logistics provide loading/unloading & packing services?

    Yes, Matro Logistics also provide loading/unloading & packing services. If any manpower & packing assistance is needed, we will arrange this as per requirement at extra cost.