Car Transportation Service

Matro Logistics is a leading vehicle transport company in India with years of experience safely shift your most valuable car. Car Carrier Service in India. Car Transport Across All Over India Locations

Car Transport Service

Matro Logistics, the moving company that provides the best car transport in India understands that long distance car transport is stressful and time consuming. Hence, they provide a complete solution to make car transportation easy. They are backed by an expert team of car movers and over 500 car carrier trucks that can run for hours without stopping.

Matro logistics offers excellent car transportation services all over India. It also provides single car carrier service if you are looking for fast domestic car moving services. When you are looking for car transport on an urgent basis domestically, then you can opt for our express car carrier service for quick delivery of your car to the destination.

You can opt for Matro Logistics Car Carrier Services to transport your car safely without any hassle.


Car Transportation Services in India

Vehicle Transport Company in India to help you safely transport and move your car.

You can choose the car moving company for your vehicle shifting requirements.

1. City to City Car Transport Service:

Whether to transport a car from one city to another city or you need a single car carrier truck for another city car transport, the car transport service from Matro Logistics is the best for vehicle transport.

2. Interstate Car Transport Service

It is difficult to move the car from one state to another and choose a verified car shipping company for car transportation. If you hire Matro Logistics to transport your car to another state, you can have a pleasant car moving experience free from all hassles.

3. Long Distance Car Transport Service

An experienced car transport company is essential to transport any car domestically. Matro Logistics has achieved a good position in moving the car safely over long distances. We use covered car carriers to transport cars domestically. Car transport trucks are specially made to transport only four vehicles.

4. International Car Transport Service

Matro Logistics provides reliable and affordable international car shipping services from India by sea or air. As well as shipping cars from India, we also ship all vehicles including vans, motorbikes, trucks overseas by RORO or container by sea for both our private and corporate clients.

Required Documents for transport a Car

For transporting a vehicle, it is necessary to have valid documents. If the documents can be checked during vehicle checking while crossing the border of any state.

1. Registration Copy

A clearly visible photo copy of the vehicle registration certificate (RC).

2. General Insurance Copy

A photocopy of bike insurance document.

3. PUC-Copy

A photocopy of pollution under control (PUC) Certificate.

4. Personal I’D Copy

To transport the car, it is necessary to have an ID proof of the car owners or the person providing the car for transport. You can give photocopy of any ID proof like PAN card, Aadhar card, photocopy of driving license.

Modes of transport for the car are

Closed Car Carrier Truck

It is an entirely covered truck that seals at the start of the journey and opens to its destination. As a result, your car does not cover in dirt & dust at the delivery time. Because of concealing container chances of theft & robbery is also less in this model. Enclosed trailer car transport service is very safe & secure mode of transport but, it is also expensive. But this expense is worth it if you compare it with the safety or durability of your car.

Open Car Carrier Truck

This service is popular & cheap as compared to other services. This trailer is a big wide ajar truck that utilizes for automobile transportation. It carries many cars for the same destination that is why it cost less. Vehicles are tie to the chain in the trailer so, they will not move during transport. The drawback of this service is as the trailer is open. It reveals the car to dust, heat, air, rain, & other harmful substances that can affect the appearance & durability of the vehicle. That is why consider this situation also before opting car for transport service.

Single Car Carrier

You can opt for single car carrier service when you want to transport your new car and fast delivery. Signal Car Carrier Transportation is mostly used to move sports cars and luxury cars over long distances quickly. Matro Logistics provides you Signal Car Carrier Truck for safe and fast car transport.

By Road Driving Car Transportation

Matro Logistics provides you door to door transportation services for your car transport. If there is no car carrier service available to take your car to the pickup and delivery location then you need not worry. Car mover teams at Matro Logistics have experienced car drivers who are skilled in lifting your car from your location and transporting your car safely.

By Air Car Transport Service

Transporting a car domestically by air cargo service is a costly transportation. Mostly air car transportation is used for international car transport. This is the fastest car transportation service.

If you want to transport your car by air cargo then Metro Logistics is ready to help you.

By Train Car Transport Service

Transporting a car domestically by train cargo service is not possible in India. Mostly by train car transportation is used for industrial car transport. This is the slowest car transportation service.

If you want to transport your car by train then Matro Logistics is ready to help you.

Cost of Car Transportation

If you want to transport your car through a transportation service, then it is a bit costly transportation. Because the cost calculation of car transport depends on a few things


In Car moving estimate transport distance is an important factor. Because the longer distance you want to transport the car, it definitely affects your car shipping cost.

Car Types

The size, weight and type of car are also important in the transportation cost of the car. Calculating the shipping cost of a car also depends on whether the car is a hatchback, sedan, SUV or sports car. The length and weight of the car also affects its transportation cost.

Services For Move My Car

Which service you choose when transporting a car is also an important part of car transportation cost. For example, which service you choose between single car carrier service and shared car carrier to transport your car.

Car Transit Insurance

Car transit insurance is important for securing cars from one place to another. It covers loss and damage of cars carried by a person on his personal vehicle, or through third party carrier.

Car Transit insurance or transport insurance policy is a safe and secure way of covering the risk arising due to loss or damage of cars or personal belongings during transit. The cost of premium is decided on the basis of the declared car value for transit insurance.

Car transit insurance in India also covers damages caused due to derailment or capsizing of a Car Carrier Truck. Nowadays, you can easily buy transit insurance online and with the help of car shipping company.

FAQ About Car Transportation Services