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Welcome to Matro Logistics! We provide the simplest solutions in the global transport and shipping industry for Logistics Management, Shipping and Moving by offering 100% quality and safe transportation services that are bound to leave a never ending impact on the minds of Matro customers.

We have personally enabled you to select your consignment from door to door in any corner of the city, state, country or continent, which is facilitated by a well reliable, well established and well spread network across the globe.


Here is why you need to choose us for your next moving:

  • Safety : We believe that your valuables are valuable to you, and for this we have a highly skilled and experienced management team, well trained in transporting, packing, shipping and moving, loading and unloading your goods.
  • Trust : We value the trust of our valued clients and believe in working with utmost dedication and perseverance so that their trust stays forever. Matro aims to provide our customers with the simplest quality and transparent transportation service as per their wish.
  • Reliable : Honesty and credibility are the 2 main pillars for any company to achieve its goal. People should choose the company which provides reliable transportation services. We are sure Matro Logistics lives up to that trust.
  • Pioneering : We are innovative with our logistics solutions and respond to new challenges with agility while impacting our customers positively in the process.
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Year’s of experience in transport and logistics services

Why should you choose Matro transport and logistics services

  • Our history

    Matro Logistics has been providing transportation and moving services in India since last many years. Our logistics teams have over 30 years of experience.

    Matro Logistics which made its debut in 2017. The journey from 2017 to today was full of hurdles, challenges, problems and it was never easy. Now, we have made our roots so strong, that we have become trusted among the customers.

    Right ethical values and customer trust has helped us become the largest mover of home goods in India. Today we are providing our transportation services in many major cities of India which are Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Chennai, Guwahati, Kolkata.

  • Our vision

    Our vision is to update ourselves as per the market and clients' requirements. We are a team of people who want to reach every corner of the world with our services. We do not want to limit ourselves to a few cities or states.

    We are very clear from the start not to stop or be satisfied with one goal. Continuous research about better sources of transportation for the clients and knowledge of advanced equipment are our daily agendas. We are available on an online platform also so you can contact us easily. Neither our working is restricted by borders nor we limited by physical presence. This is the world of innovative technologies and we are an adaptable team of experts who want to learn something new every day. So that we can offer only the best.

    Matro Logistics crave improvement in every aspect of their work. So that they can provide advance and quality services to their clients at reasonable prices.

  • Our mission

    Our mission is to make a simple and swift-moving process so that everyone feels good after using it. We do not want shifting as a bad experience for anyone. Our motto is to make moving easy for everyone. There are several reasons because of which people do not want to use logistics services. It can be a monetary or trust issue. That is why for building trust with our clients we always believe in transparency in every matter. A representative of our company clear all your doubts regarding each service and its price. If you are unable to reach our office physically, you can approach us through calls or online methods. We will happy to help you as per your comfort level. We give very much importance to that part of the process because this is the initial phase of the meeting. If we can understand your requirements at this stage we can offer you bbetter results. Fake and unrealistic promises are never part of our approach. That is how we plan to win our clients forever by giving them genuine promises.

    Ethics is very important in our logistics firm that is we serve in our practice and work. That is how we complete our goals which are below:

    • - Utilized the best materials in packaging,
    • - Use best tools for loading-unloading process
    • - Offer door to door service
    • - On-time delivery on destination
    • - Insurance Claim Security
    • - Excellent services at an affordable price
    • - Long-term work relationship with customers.

    Matro Logistics believes in serving authentic work so our clients that is you can vow for us.


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