Express Air Cargo

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Express Air Cargo Services

Express Air Cargo Service is capable for fastest delivery of shipments, moving your goods from one place to another via air as a means of air transport transportation.

Although it's expensive; it is still the fastest and most secure mode of transport. Supply of your products can increase and it can have a positive impact on your brand to establish your credibility as a trusted business. So, go ahead, meet your customer's needs and deliver your goods on time using Matro Logistics express air cargo service.

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Matro Logistics is a leading global logistics company providing an efficient and reliable express air freight service. With a dedicated CRM teams and an excellent network at major airports, Matro Logistics ensures that your goods are delivered safely. Matro Logistics has entered into an arrangement with all the airlines for transportation of air cargo and maintains a delivery schedule of 24 to 48 hours at the time of air cargo delivery. Our air cargo operations operate round the clock and are well equipped to meet time sensitive consignments while ensuring on time delivery.

Types of Air Cargo

General Cargo

This type of cargo consists of high-value shipments or goods such as pharmaceuticals, jewelry and electronics. Even though air shipping is more expensive than sea transport, it is still the best method for transporting costly and delicate goods.

Special cargo

The type of shipments preferred for transport under special conditions such as temperature control, wind conditions and special cover, usually in the case of dangerous goods or pets, live animals.


Cost of Air Cargo Services

The factors determining air freight rates are

There are four basic kinds of air freight rates

Specific Commodity Rate (SCR): An SCR pertains to a specific commodity, and is a rate lower than the published standard rate. SCRs are less widely used than they were ten years ago, but are occasionally available. They exist when there is a laid out progression of traffic between two nations.

Commodity classification rate (class):

A class rate applied to a group of commodities, for example, living animals or human remains.

General Cargo Rate (GCR):

A general cargo rate is applicable to all cargo that does not fall under the SCR or class rate.

Unit Load Device (ULD):

This rate is applicable for the entire unit of equipment – either aircraft pallets or containers. Normally a forwarder books a complete ULD, and carries the freight from multiple customers in a single container to the same destination.

We offer you a complete comprehensive air transportation based on a proper analysis of your needs and requirements. We keep the air logistics process simple and transparent. The cost of air freight depends on the weight of the consignments; however, there are some other charges. All express air cargo costs involved in the process are quoted in advance and are the best possible rates available for your air shipments.

We promise a cost effective air cargo service, safe and secure and on time delivery of your shipment to the desired destination.

Benefits of Hire Matro Logistics for Air Shipping Service

We at Matro Logistics adhere to the highest standards of business ethics. Our shipping team is fully dedicated to provide the best services and experience to the clients. We help you through the entire process and also share detailed tracking of your consignments. In Matro Logistics Air Shipping Services, 100% customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Our Main Features:

  • • The fastest and safest way to shipment delivered to you, anywhere across the world.

  • • Tie up with fastest cargo airlines to make the process easier.

  • • Irrespective of the size of your shipment, we provide you with the best possible shipping and logistics solutions.

  • • Door to door pickup and delivery service for your shipment.

  • • On-time delivery guaranteed.

  • • Highly skilled team to take care of your shipment and your queries.

  • • Cost effective Shipping solution.

  • • Advanced Shipment tracking feature.

FAQ About Air Shipping Service

  • information do you need about consignment?

    The information that we require for air cargo quotation is as follows:

    • • Time and date of when your cargo is ready for Shipping
    • • Pick-up and Delivery Complete address
    • • Cargo commodity types and value
    • • Total weight, weight per piece, number of pieces & dimensions Size
    • • Any special handling information if required
  • Do you also offer custom services?

    By the help of third party customs agents, we are able to arrange customs clearance of your air shipment, upon customer clearance request, as part of the air shipping service.

  • What is Express Air Freight?

    Express Air Freight Service is also known as 'Next Flight Out' (NFO). Your shipment packages will be picked up as soon as possible and loaded on the next available scheduled flight.

  • How is the airfreight shipment cost calculated?

    Airfreight shipment cost is calculated as "chargeable weight". The chargeable weight applicable to the air shipment shall be either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Volumetric weight is calculated as 5000 cubic centimeters per kilogram. Therefore, dividing the cubic centimeter volume of a shipment (L x W x H) by 5000 gives the volumetric weight.